The Health Benefits of Summer Dance Classes

Dance makes an enormous contribution to social and physical health and hence our overall well-being. Many scriptures, monuments prove that dance is ancient as human himself. People are dancing for number of reasons. Some dance as a hobby, some just to burn their anger and frustration, some use dance as a form of meditation. It is even being prescribed by Doctor which can help reduce the intake of medicines and boost your fitness.

dance n fitness1

It is irrelevant if you are a great dancer or not, but dancing always helps improve your mood and feel young again. Research says dancing releases endorphins like eating chocolates that makes us feel fantastic.

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Besides fun, dancing has many positive health benefits:

  1. Strength: Strength is basically defined as the ability to exert a force or resistance. Dancing helps building strength by forcing the muscles to resist against dancer’s own weight. Majority of dance styles  require jumping and leaping which exert force on leg muscles.
  2. Flexibility: Dance requires a lot of body flexibility and that is also an important aspect of being healthy. Most instructors in a dance class starts the training with warm up sessions that includes various stretching exercises. Most moves in dance involves a lot of bending and stretching, so dancers physique naturally becomes more flexible.
  3. Endurance: Dance is the most beautiful and natural form of exercise. Endurance means how long your muscles can work hard without any fatigue. Regular dancing elevates the heart rate which improves the stamina and enurance.
  4. Overall Well-Being: Studies show that strong social ties and socializing with friends contributes in a person’s overall personality and self esteem. Dancing provides many opportunities to meet people and the synchronization of steps helps them synchronize with people. It helps reduce any stress or tension and gives them a feeling of well-being.

dance n fitness 2

I mentioned earlier that dancing these days is also prescribed as medication. It is also great for someone who wants to lose some weight. If for no other reasons with benefits, dancing should be a part of everyone’s life.

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