5 Tips for a Perfect Belly Dance Photoshoot

I am a photographer and a dancer and it’s a fairly unique combination that blends perfectly. At some point or the other in a dancer’s life, they would like a photoshoot in belly dance style. If you want to do it right and go professional with your dance portfolio, here are few tips you should consider for your photos.

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belly dance5

Tip 1: Costume

A photographer can edit a lot many things to make it look good, but make sure your costume fits well. If the costume is not fit then no amount of editing will help to make it look good. Ask your friend or a teacher to help you with it.

belly dance2

Tip 2: Practice Poses

It is a little vain to stare yourself in the mirror, but in the end you must know how your body looks exactly. Before the actual photoshoot, practice few poses for couple days so that your body naturally takes into those pose consciously or unconsciously during the photoshoot day. If you are unsure about certain part of your body or certain pose then tell your photographer so he can make changes to the angle which will lessen any chances of imperfection in the final photo.

belly dance4

Tip 3: Make Up

Make up on photoshoots like these is exactly similar to the one in movies or television. Make up has to be a little exaggerated so that it shows good in the photos. So if you look over-stylish or over trying to look good, then its good.

belly dance3

Tip 4: Listen and Act

Listening and acting proactively to your photographer’s instruction is imperative for a fruitful photoshoot. There is never a problem if the photographer wants to try something new. Dance and photography is something where there is infinite room for creativity. It is also very important that you remain calm and composed because the sense of uncomfortable cannot be easily photoshopped.

belly dance1

Tip 5: Lights and Weather

Shooting on a beautiful location can sometimes be awesome, but can also be a complete disaster. While a little breeze is perfect but anything more than that can ruin the hair and dressing.

belly dance

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